Gift Card &
Loyalty Programs

Gift card and loyalty programs are great ways to bring customers back time and again and grow your business. Let us work together to create powerful and customized solutions for your company and customers. From branded and digital gift cards to tracking tools and ongoing support Primo Payments provides end-to-end solutions for merchants of all sizes. We can make them available for single and multiple locations and what’s more if there’s ever a problem we’re always available 24/7 for technical support.

Our hassle-free and affordable programs are easy to implement and compatible with most POS systems and credit card terminals. This allows you to quickly take advantage of a wealth of tremendous opportunities.

branded loyalty programs

Leverage Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Set yourself apart from your competition by offering gift cards and loyalty programs to your customers. Start a branded gift card program today and reap the many benefits, including:

  • Gift card recipients often become new customers.
  • Unused balance keeps customers coming back.
  • Gift card recipients often purchase items they hadn’t planned to or more expensive versions of them.
  • Not all gift cards are redeemed which is like free money for you.

Meanwhile, branded loyalty programs have become an accepted part of the consumer experience. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Customers feel appreciated and forge an emotional connection with your brand.
  • Increase revenue because loyal customers will put their trust in you.
  • Allows you to gather valuable data about customers to help personalize and improve their shopping experience with you.
  • Attract new customers especially if you offer discounts or points for signing up.
  • Can turn customers into brand advocates.

Both gift cards and loyalty programs are valuable tools for increasing your business.

Among the features of our gift card and loyalty program service are:

  • A choice of custom or pre-designed cards.
  • Virtual branded gift card options.
  • Integrated into your POS and/or payment terminals.
  • PIN and security code support.
  • Individual and multi-store solutions.

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